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  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms and conditions of use of the website


    The general terms and conditions apply to the sale of goods and services to the users of the site ("buyer"), by MGDS IMPEX SRL ("seller").



    a) goods and services, represents any product or service to be provided by the buyer by the seller.

    b) the order, represents the electronic request of the buyer, sent to the seller, through which he requests the purchase of goods or services presented in this online store.

    c) contract means the order sent by a buyer, which has been confirmed by the seller.


    How to send and confirm an order:

    The launching of an order by a buyer of the site, implies the acceptance by the respective buyer of the communication method by which he has launched the order.

    The transmission of an electronic order on the website or by telephone does not necessarily mean the confirmation of the order and the conclusion of the respective contract.

    Minim value of an order is 300,00 euro, without VAT.


    The steps by which you can complete an order are the following:

    1. The buyer will choose the desired products, add them to the basket and send the order to the seller. The system will allocate an order number and send it to the registered e-mail address of the buyer and the seller.

    2. Upon receipt of the order, the seller will take it during the working hours and will check the availability of the products.

    Attention: Presenting a product as available on the site does not necessarily mean that it is in stock. There is a possibility that the availability of the product will no longer be current, either due to its sale by other means or a delayed update of the online stock. The seller will check the stock upon receipt of an order and its confirmation and the delivery time respectively will be communicated to the buyer by electronic means or by telephone.

    3. The purchase agreement will be concluded on the date of issuing the fiscal invoice on a durable medium.

    4. The delivery of an order will be made after confirming it and only after agreeing the delivery details by the seller and the buyer.


    Attention: The messages communicated by the system do not automatically confirm the existence of a product in stock and / or the conclusion of the sales contract.

    Orders are accepted and honored by the seller only after their confirmation of the availability of the products. In the event that the products are available on order, the delivery time will be the one communicated by the supplier / producer of the respective product, and the delays of delivery due to the supplier / producer of the product and / or the external carrier will not entail a liability of the seller.


    The products presented on the website can only be sold on the basis of an order.

    The order will be processed in accordance with the above steps, and an order not confirmed by the seller does not imply unavailability of the products. Orders will be honored in the chronological order in which they were registered in the database.


    Price of products

    The prices displayed on the site are displayed in lei, without V.A.T.

    Thus, the invoiced value of the ordered products represents their price displayed, to which VAT will be added in the legal quota at that time. 


    The prices from orders and proforms are valid for 3 days from the date of their issue.


    If prices or other product details have been displayed incorrectly, including because they were entered incorrectly in the database, we reserve the right to cancel the orders containing these products and to notify customers as soon as possible about the error.


    Payment of products

    The payment of the products can be made in cash or by bank transfer in the accounts of the seller until the date of delivery of the products.

    For the products available on order, the seller can request an advance payment of at least 50% of the value of the product.

    Depending on certain factors, the seller may agree with the buyer specific payment terms, based on an agreement signed by both parties.


    Delivery of products

    Product delivery information is detailed on the dedicated page - Product Delivery.


    Protection of personal data

    Information on the protection of personal data is presented on the page - Privacy Policy.



    All the products marketed by us benefit from warranty conditions according to the Romanian legislation in force and the commercial conditions of manufacturers and distributors.

    All the products sold on this platform are new, except those mentioned as resealed, in original packaging.

    The guarantee of the products is provided by the authorized services of the distributors or producers, as well as directly to them.

    The products will be received only together with the invoice certifying their sale, as well as the related guarantee certificate.


    The products that are not collected by the buyer within 60 days from the receipt of the written notification, which were delivered to the seller under the guarantee, will be owned by MGDS IMPEX SRL.


    Other provisions

    Any correspondence to the buyer will be sent to the address (e-mail or physical) declared in the client account on the website, at the moment of the respective sending. If, on the occasion of an order, the buyer will communicate another address, the latter will be considered the one where the communications will arrive legally.

    The seller can be contacted in writing at the addresses mentioned in the contact section.


    The pages on this website are an overview of the range of products and services offered by MGDS IMPEX SRL, as communicated by distributors and / or the manufacturer. The images presented on the site are displayed for presentation purposes and do not attract the responsibility of the seller.

    MGDS IMPEX SRL reserves the right to change the information on the site, at any time and without any prior notification.


    The copyright on the entire content of the site belongs to MGDS IMPEX SRL and cannot be used or copied without our prior written consent.

    The photos presented are informative and may contain accessories that are not included in the standard product package.

    The technical specifications are also informative and can be changed without prior notice, so they do not constitute a contractual obligation.


    The official language of the store is Romanian, so in case of inconsistency between it and the English language, the information in Romanian will prevail.