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  • Gas control unit WS-072-A

    Available Options

    Control unit WS-072-A, RS485 MODBUS connectivity, it can be connected up to 20 detectors iSense 4.


    iControl L is an advanced Control Unit for use with small size gas detection systems. It controls all the devices connected and integrates them to create a single iGas system.

    iControl L Unit reads the status of detectors connected to the system. This information is presented on the display and the built-in Visual System Indicator. Based on gas concentration measured and other special statuses (e.g. failures), it controls outputs for visual and acoustic indicators as well as for dual outputs. Control Unit reads the status of dual input and depending on its status, controls system operation (enables or disables outputs). During operation, the unit runs cyclic self-diagnostic procedures used to detect any damage to iControl L Unit and detectors.

    iSense offers greatly improved detection capabilities. A iSense 4 detector equipped with a pellistor sensor offers a halved response time (T90)* and is rated among the fastest devices available on the market. Further improvements include greater protection of the detector’s measurement head against environmental effects, including moisture and dust.